3, S. Karagiorgi Str. 14121 Athens, Greece
+30 210 27 12 111


Marine Travel Division

The Marine Travel division exclusively handles travel needs and industry associated events of shipping companies. Our highly trained  staff manages the transportation of shipping crews and shipping companies personnel to and from all destinations globally.

We handle with success the entire process required such as tickets and travel documents that might be needed in the minimum possible time frame along with competitive prices.

Importance is given to detail, comfort, excellent organization, safety and all technological coverage. Our capabilities cover timely and efficiently all your travel requirements making our company the ideal partner for the biggest shipping companies in Greece.

Our experienced staff guarantees

  • Integrated research on specific proposals
  • Negotiation for the best combination of price and quality services for airlines, hotel accommodations and transportation as well as the opportunity to inspect whenever it is needed
  • Anticipating needs, supervision and immediate resolution of any problems
  • Reservation Tracking

  • Negotiated rates for Worldwide Car & Hotel Bookings.
    24 Hours emergency service
  • Tailor made Account reporting
  • Quality Control Systems
  • Passport & Visa assistance
  • Health Information Service

Added Values

Our company’s marine executives are available to our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via dedicated mobile line that will be available to you for hours outside of the office as well as on weekends and holidays.

The person in charge of your account will have an available Laptop with wireless Internet and direct access to all reservation systems so that they are able to deal with any emergency.

  • Expert Travel Agents  on 24hrs on a daily basis  as well as experienced  agents assistance  are  even after the call center operation
  • Thoroughly-Researched Fares through the utilization of multiple airline operating systems
  • Personalised Service according to your travel preferences

  • No Hidden Fees . Our company guarantees a one-time service fee for any fare no matter the destination
  • Senior Management Involvement  to ensure fast problem solving as well as to provide alternatives
  • Our travel agents handle any travel service (hotel reservations, car rental, airline tickets etc.)