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The Group

The Heraklio Travel Group of Companies

Heraklio Travel Group is a brand that was created in 2015  in order to ensure the unity and control of the subsidiaries established in the past years by the B.O.D. of Heraklio Travel.

Our company is privately held, owner-managed, and financially independent; we pride ourselves on taking a long-term view, with an ethos of attention to detail in all areas of the company while offering a wide spectrum of tourism services.

Today, the Heraklio Travel Group is based in Athens, in privately owned offices, with more than 90 employees in total, over 500 independent contractors, amongst the top producers in Greece. With just over 70€ million in gross sales, our continuous growth plans are reflected upon each subsidiary’s balance sheet strength and flexibility while encouraging our employees for career development in a challenging and rewarding environment.

Heraklio Travel Group brands


As Heraklio Travel grew into the H Travel Group of Companies, the vision of the founder Mr. Vassilis Rigas to create a unique company that embodied the values of flexibility, responsiveness, customer service led us to providing high quality services with integrity and responsibility.
Since 1981 the company has been owned and managed by the Rigas family. Today, Vassilis Rigas serves as Chairman, son Panos serves as President & CEO, daughter Vivian serves as Vice President while Orestis, the youngest brother, is also a member of the Board of Directors.