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Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is an element of major importance for our operation as a company. The most important factor for the development of Heraklio Travel as well as the economic and social community in general is the person themselves and the respect for fundamental moral values inextricably linked to them.

We recognize that the development of new technological tools for the development of our business activities and the proper use of financial resources are important tools for the organization of our transactions and our relations with all interested parties (employees, customers, suppliers, local society, etc. .). Our goal is to act in a way that contributes to the development of the highest potential of all these aspects, that directly influence and strengthen the presence of our Company in Greece and abroad.

By making Corporate Social Responsibility one of the main guidelines and driving forces of our activities, we have adopted actions and measures to ensure the highest possible quality of our services, so that the parties that transact and are connected to it benefit directly or indirectly. The environment in which we operate is just as important a factor as humans, and the protection of which has become a necessary pursuit to ensure a sustainable and healthy environment. Basic principles such as respect for human dignity, – at all costs – avoiding discrimination in the workplace, the fight against child labor and forced/compulsory labor, have been incorporated into the internal operation of the Company and ensuring compliance with these is monitored at the top administrative level of the Company.

We ensure a safe and healthy working environment for the employed staff, respecting both the requirements of the labor legislation regarding the rights of our employees, both those concerning the same employment relationship of each of them, as well as their collective labor rights. Our inviolable principle is compliance with all national, community and international legislation that governs both our individual activity, but also any business activity in general. We apply the policy of Corporate Social Responsibility at every level of our operation, we keep our staff informed and we are committed to their observance of the fundamental principles, so that the Company promotes both the same and the general interest.


Code of Misconduct